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6 novembre 2011 7 06 /11 /novembre /2011 19:02

I spoke today at the Radio of the story of a young poetess Berber (Moorish) who lived in the 30's and his poetry extraordinary! Her name Mririda of the tribe of Ait Attik in the high mountains of Morocco.
Who was Mririda? A young courtesan, the souk of Azilal "enclosed by high walls of mud flanked by towers with loopholes ... reciting his verses in a voice warm and captivating." Eulogius met him during a stop in Azilal, in 1927-1928, the country rises Tassaout embedded in a deep valley. This region has the most magnificent "tighermt" - fortified house, shop collective Citadel - the Grand Atlas. These multi-storey buildings are constructed of planks of pine and oak, stone. The upper cantilever gives the appearance of a medieval fortress buildings. The ancient populations of these regions have lived for centuries in near autarky. Jacques Berque remained there several years, particularly in the tribe Seksawa, and published a remarkable study "Social Structures of the High Atlas" in 1955 (Library House of Photography). The songs collected by Eulogius "come to us as the long blue smoke, smelling cedar and pine, which in the evening rise in the valleys of the High Atlas ignored."







How can I have the time?

How can I have time to listen to my heart
Who would want me to mention that I love,
The one who does not know that I love so much ...
Idder not twenty years and I just.
I don 't have one evening to open my heart.
The work constantly occupies my days.
How can I have the time to think about love?
There is food for thought and cows to milk,
The pitcher with the source and the light meals.
The day is too short for the work to be done.
There the grass of the field and wood in the forest
Bread baking and laundry to the river.
And dead tired, I collapse in the evening ...
The dawn is still far from where I stand
And at night made ​​for a long time when I go to sleep ...
When would I have time to think about love?

Mririda n'Aït Attik

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