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Between 1946 and 1954, over 60 000 African and 200 000 North African soldiers were enlisted to fight the Viet Minh. Pitted against one another by circumstances, these two colonised peoples came into contact and a number of African soldiers took Vietnamese women as wives. Out of these unions, numerous mixed-race children were born. At the end of the war, the colonial army ordered that all the black children be repatriated to Africa, of!cially to protect them from the Viet Minh. While some children left with their mothers and fathers, others were simply taken away by their fathers, leaving their mothers behind.
Abandoned in orphanages, those that had neither mother nor father were put up for mass adoption by African of!cers, as was the case with Christophe.
Christophe long avoided facing the scars and identity complexes left by this abrupt separation from his mother and homeland. By encouraging him to undertake a journey into his own past, the !lm opens a little-known chapter of the Indochina war.

Documentary directed by Idrissou MORA KPAI

2010, Noble Films / Mkj Films

Christophe Soglo; Dang Van Viet; Boko Sozo; Zocli Jean-Pierre; Mme Dansi

Directed by
Idrissou MORA KPAI

Written by
Idrissou MORA KPAI

Produced by
Jeanette JOUILI; Arouna Sacca MORA KPAI; Idrissou MORA KPAI

Téléphone : +22997589169

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