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15 octobre 2009 4 15 /10 /octobre /2009 21:09

945 B.C.  

Main stream archaeology established the reign of the Amazigh (Lybian) Sheshonq I ( Shoshenk) as (945-924 B.C.) or (776-755 B.C.) dynasty 22 and aligned this with the Biblical plundering of Jerusalem (925 B.C.) by a Pharaoh they name as Shishak.  King Sheshong attacked the land of Canaan but makes no reference to an attack on Jerusalem and this main stream link to the Biblical tradition is now considered invalid.  Rohl theory places Sheshonq I to 776 B.C.  The Third Intermediate Period (1069-664 B.C.) is now considered even more questionable than previously thought.  The first Egyptian Pharaoh of Libyan Amazigh descent Seshonq I lived for some five generations (150 or 875 B.C.) in Herakleopolis.

Sheshong I - 22nd dynasty. Also spelled Shosheng, (the Biblical Shishak in kings).

During his reign, political infighting and religious and family factionalism posed such a threat, that in 945 B.C, Pharaoh Sheshong I formed the world's first known secret police.

World Cup Fight Between Egypt & Algeria :

Why the hatred? Algerians and Egyptians have never warmed to each other, and they seem to like expressing their feelings through football. Egyptians are seen as snooty and aloof, and there was bad blood between the two countries in the late 1950s, when so many African countries – but not Egypt – were fighting for independence. In addition Egypt is suspected to be involved in the killing of Abane Ramdan in 1957, the leader of the Algerian Revolution.
In 1962, Nasser sent thousands of  Muslim Brothers to Algeria to Arabize and Islamize Algerian people.

The Algerians earlier assured that they have already secured a World Cup berth, saying their trip to Egypt will be rather entertaining.

Lets talk football for a moment :
Algeria defeated Rwanda and the referee, how about that, Now let move on for the next game, right,  the Algerian team played like the biggest European team, sometimes I thought I was watching Real Madrid, wow.  I will say this, the world will witness in 2010, the best African Team ever seen, and then the Egyptian will say, how can you expect us to win against a team like this, and the rest is History

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