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15 décembre 2009 2 15 /12 /décembre /2009 00:12

"Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics"

A book by Dominique Poitout, Professor at Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille (France).

"Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics" gives a completely novel description of the problems. For the first time a comprehensive overview on all materials used for implants and their biologic compatibility is given. Furthermore, it contains interesting tissue biomechanics and histomorphometry on fractures and influences by non-biologic and biologic material and especially deals with the problems arising in cases of growing bones. Moreover, the principles of biomechanics are explained by several forms of application in the normal and pathologic skeleton. Materials and techniques are described by specialists from all over the world; this edition, therefore, offers an excellent contemporary overview of biocompatible materials and the biomechanics of the locomotive apparatus. Each author gives his own view of the matter thereby rendering the book a very individual and diverse spectrum of the problems under discussion. The truly international character of the book is reflected authentically by the cooperation with SICOT and SIROT.

"Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics", a book by Dominique Poitout

ISBN 1-85223-481-9 Springer-Verlag London Berlin Heidelberg

Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics

Book: Biomechanics And Biomaterials In Orthopedics
Current clinical orthopedic practice requires practitioners to have extensive knowledge of a wide range of disciplines from molecular biology to bioengineering and from the application of new methods to the evaluation of outcome. The biomechanics of and biomaterials used in orthopedics have become increasingly important as the possibilities have increased to treat patients with foreign material introduced both as optimized osteosynthesis after trauma and as arthroplasties for joint diseases, sequelae of trauma or for tumor treatment. Furthermore, biomaterial substitutes are constantly being developed to replace missing tissue. Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics provides an important update within this highly important field. Professor Dominique Poitout has collected a series of high-quality chapters by globally renowned researchers and clinicians. Under the auspices of the International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology (SICOT) and International Society of Orthopaedic and Traumatology Research (SIROT), this book now provides permanent and specific access to the considerable international knowledge in the field of locomotor system trauma and disease treatment using the novel bioengineering solutions. This book covers both basic concepts concerning biomaterials and biomechanics as well as their clinical application and the experience from everyday practical use. This book will be of great value to specialists in orthopedics and traumatology, while also provide an important basis for graduate and postgraduate learning.

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